The 2020 Cadets Story event is just over a week away, and we are now in the Final Push to the end of our fiscal year October 31. But this isn’t just any fiscal year, it’s actually our first year.

While The Cadets has a rich, 86-year tradition of excellence, Cadets Arts & Entertainment – our new parent organization – is just five months old. Our staff and board of directors have been hard at work behind the scenes, laying a strong foundation for decades of Cadets to come. They deserve the best.

But building a new business in 2020 – and a live-performance-based non-profit at that – has brought some challenges.

We’re so grateful to be here, to have provided our members with a virtual drum corps experience rather than closing our doors to them until further notice. We believe the momentum of their hope and hard work for next season has brightened their lives, made them feel less uncertain and alone, and will ultimately set The Cadets on a course for greatness in 2021 and beyond.

But as we continue to build on this new organizational foundation, we need your support. Would you join the 2020 Maroon & Gold Club by making a donation today?

We know it’s likely been a difficult year for you, too. Maybe you are willing to give a monthly donation of $34 as a nod to our founding year. Perhaps $20 is a stretch for you, but joining in our Halloween Parade fundraiser would make it fun and worthwhile! Or maybe you are able to give more. If The Cadets experience has taught us anything, it’s that by coming together, we can achieve so much more than we can alone.

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