A Challenge… Should You Choose to Accept It

Brian Fay, a Cadets Snare Drummer from 1986-1988 and member of the 1987 “perfect percussion section,” has issued a challenge to his fellow alumni and fans: He will add $1934 to his Maroon & Gold Day contribution if 50 more people make a gift to the corps.

“I am incredibly thankful for my three years with The Cadets as well as marching with and learning from some wonderfully talented people,” Brian said when asked why he continues to give back. “In this challenge, I hope to see my friends from the percussion section leading the way as we have done for many years!” he said.

This additional gift brings Brian’s total gift to $3434, PLUS his company will match the full $3434!

Please donate today to help unlock this additional $5,368 for our 2021 Cadets.

Thank you!