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  • 2021 Maroon & Gold Mug


  • Exclusive invitation to watch a Cadets Ensemble Rehearsal on Zoom!
    • In compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols, The Cadets’ 2021 rehearsals will be closed. We’re giving our Leadership Circle exclusive access to watch an upcoming ensemble rehearsal LIVE!
  • 2021 Maroon & Gold Mug


  • Seasonal prize drawings + fun surprises
  • Coffee with Allison: Cadets Alumna + Marketing & Development Manager Allison Broussard will host casual, monthly chat
    • Insider details, special guests + friendly conversation with fellow Cadets supporters
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  • Your monthly gift ensures The Cadets have reliable support between seasons when they need it most​.

  • Think of this like the Spotify level, where you hardly think of it at all! You get the perks of being a M&G Donor without straining your budget.

  • Our first premium level: Support The 2021 Cadets + unlock access to the Maroon & Gold Premium for $250-donors.

  • Need we explain? #FHNSAB

  • You’re in the Leadership Circle! Give $87/month in honor of our 87th year, and you have access to all the benefits available to our top-tier of Maroon & Gold Donors.

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  • Create your own giving plan. We’re just grateful for your support.
My time spent with The Cadets was such a transformative period of growth. I owe a deep amount of gratitude to every member, staff member, and volunteer within the organization. It’s a great day to be a Cadet!
Lauryn Heller, Color Guard 2008-13
Being a member of The Cadets significantly shaped so much of who I am today. I am honored to give back so others can have that same opportunity.
Jana Bocook, Mellophone, 1992-98
Marching in the Cadets was a life changing experience for me. I regularly contribute to the Cadets because, in some small way, I hope it makes a difference to those that will continue the legacy that is Holy Name. FHNSAB.
Martin Taylor, Baritone, 1989
I have been committed to The Cadets since I left the corps. When I think of my youth, The Cadets encompasses all of my wonderful memories. I want that tradition and those wonderful experiences to continue for all of the youth involved today. I give to the Maroon & Gold on a monthly basis. It’s simple and easy and works best for me. I will always give back. FHNSAB
Cindi Carozza DeVivo, Color Guard, 1969-74
I am proud to be an Alumni of The Cadets and enjoy supporting an organization that I care about. I can’t always write that big check, so I find it more convenient to give monthly through a safe, automatic deduction that fits in my monthly budget. It is comforting to know that The Cadets can rely on my contribution to put towards monthly expenses. I want the current and future members to benefit from the experiences of being a Cadet just like I have.
Cheryl Philhower-Gillick, Color Guard 1978-85


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