It’s that time of year, when The Cadets family comes together to recognize outstanding individuals from our ranks who have given of their time and talent above and beyond the corps’ standard.

If you know someone who has made a significant, positive impact on The Cadets or any of its affiliate programs throughout the history of the organization, NOW IS THE TIME to submit your Nomination and Support Letters to Nomination letters will be accepted during the two-week Nomination Period, from JUNE 27 – JULY 11.


  • We are expanding the Nomination Process to not only include former Cadets, but also former members of Cadets2, the Cadet Plebes, Cadets Winter Percussion and Cadets Winter Guard.
  • Each Nomination Letter should be supported by a maximum of two (2) additional Letters of Support describing the nominee’s qualifications.
  • The committee is comprised of Cadets Hall of Fame Members who will be selecting candidates from three different categories:
    • Legacy – Holy Name Cadets (1934-1957) – 1-3 candidates may be selected each year
    • Classic – Early Garfield Cadets (1957-1971) – 1-3 candidates may be selected each year
    • Contemporary – DCI-Era Cadets (1972-Current) – 1-6 candidates may be selected each year


To be eligible, each candidate must have been a marching member, educational staff, administration, or volunteer of The Cadets, to be inclusive of the Holy Name Cadets, Garfield Cadets, Cadets of Garfield, Garfield Cadets Plebes, the Cadets of Bergen County, The Cadets, The Cadets2, Cadets Winter Percussion or Cadets Winter Guard organizations for a minimum of one (1) full marching season.


Nominations may be made by letter or email to The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee by Cadets Alumni and current or former staff, admins, or volunteers. Such letters should describe the candidate’s qualifications. All letters should list which category the nomination is for (Legacy, Classic, or Contemporary) and be specific about the accomplishments and history of the candidate in relation to The Cadets organization. In addition to the narrative, inclusion of a list of bullet points or a numbered list of such things as dates of service, accomplishments, etc., is recommended. All letters must include the author’s name, email address, and phone number.

  • Each Nomination Letter should be supported by a maximum of two (2) additional Letters of Support describing the nominee’s qualifications.
  • Please make note if the candidacy is proposed posthumously.
  • No person may nominate more than one candidate per year for election. However, that person may write letters of support for an unlimited number of candidates in that year.
  • Voting shall be based upon the nominee’s positive contribution to the organization and impact upon the activity, leadership, stature, and/or record and character.
  • Moral character, good citizenship, and outstanding performance during years contributed shall be a consideration. Should an individual not live up to the standards of moral character and good citizenship of a Cadets Hall of Fame Member, they may be considered for removal by The Hall of Fame Committee.
  • The author of the Nomination Letter is responsible for submitting the Nomination Letter, TOGETHER WITH the (2) Letters of Support, at the same time to the offices of The Cadets via email to, or by mail in one envelope to:

The Cadets
Attn: Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson
1444 Hamilton Street
Suite 103
Allentown, PA 18102

The Hall of Fame Committee will decide on the inductees for this year’s class, and an announcement will go out through The Cadets’ and Cadets Alumni social media pages (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). The Official Induction Ceremony will take place on October 9, 2021 as part of the annual Cadets Homecoming event series.

For more information, please visit our Hall of Fame web page.

Any question regarding The Cadets Hall of Fame Nomination Process should be addressed to