The Holy Name Cadets are being honored by a special mass for the current members, Cadets Alumni and Cadets Eternal in celebration of the corps’ 87th-anniversary year.

“A tiny, wooden, Catholic church in the blue-collar, family-oriented community of Garfield, New Jersey, was where the spark was lit. The church was tiny, but the name was grandiose: the Church of the Most Holy Name. It was in this modest structure with a grand name that the foundation for what was to become one of the most honored drum and bugle corps in history was established,” (The Cadets History Book, p. 9).

In its opening excerpt, The Cadets History Book sets the stage. While the building itself has changed, Cadets members and alumni still return to their sacred starting place of the Church of the Most Holy Name.

As part of our 2021 Homecoming Weekend, we hope you will join us on Sunday, October 10 at 10:30 a.m. for a very special Cadets Mass celebrating our 2021 corps, all Cadets Alumni, and Cadets Eternal.