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Aug06, 2020

Dr. David Holsinger Joins Cadets 1992 and 1993 Reunions

The second week of Cadets Virtual Reunions ends Friday, August 7, with alumni from the 1990s getting together and sharing lots of stories and memories. This week of reunions has featured several guests, including acclaimed composer, conductor, and educator, David Holsinger. The Cadets performed Dr. Holsinger's music in both 1992 and 1993. In 1992, The Cadets surged into 2nd place at DCI Finals playing To Tame the Perilous [...]

Jul29, 2020

Cadets Reunions Continue, Early Years Reunions Coming in September

Cadets Alumni have started meeting virtually this week. Videos, photos, and lots of great stories have been shared and we are excited to continue hosting these reunions through the next several weeks. Cadets alumni from the 80s through the present can register at Also, see the schedule below to make sure you make your calendar for your reunion date and time.  The Cadets have 86 years of [...]

Jul23, 2020

The Big Move is Coming Soon

As we announced recently, The Cadets are moving from the offices we have shared with YEA! since 2004 to our new location within walking distance of J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown's historic district. The staff and volunteers have been working hard to pack up and to prepare our new offices for the upcoming move.  Led by Dan Hurd, Justin Moore, and The Cadets office staff, a team [...]

Jul08, 2020


The Cadets have found a new home, and we need your help! Moving is lots of fun…right 😊. We have all done it at some point in our lives, and we have all asked our friends and family to help. Today, we are asking our Cadets family to pitch in and help as we pack up and move. Our new offices sit within walking distance of J. Birney Crum [...]

Jul08, 2020

Hall of Fame Nomination Process Begins

The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee has announced plans to move forward to induct a Class of 2020. Given the recent creation of the new Cadets Arts & Entertainment organization and current conditions due to the pandemic, our normal activities have been delayed. We are happy to announce open nominations beginning on July 8 through July 31, 2020. All qualifying nominations received during this period will be included in [...]

Jul02, 2020

Watch “Sound Bytes” This Tuesday, July 7th

The last six weeks have been exciting as we looked forward to Percussion Thursday with Tom Aungst. Tom shared the stories and knowledge of some of the best percussion performers, teachers, and arrangers in all of DCI and WGI. While Tom takes a break away from live-streaming sessions, we are excited to present three new webinars in July.This Tuesday, July 7th, we present "Sound Bytes" with Cadets Audio Caption [...]

Jul02, 2020

The Cadets Establish Equality and Inclusion Committee

Statement from Cadets Director, Denise Bonfiglio For the past several months, I have spent a considerable amount of time creating and establishing the new Cadets Arts and Entertainment Organization. When I look back where it all started for The Cadets, the year was 1934, during the great depression! Eighty-Six years later, the global economy may likely suffer the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The political, economic, [...]

Jun25, 2020

Sign Up for The Cadets Winds, Brass, and Percussion Virtual Clinic

Button Text DUE TO THE OVERWHELMING DEMAND FOR A COMBINED BRASS, WINDS, AND PERCUSSION CLINIC, THE CADETS ARE HOSTING A TWO-DAY VIRTUAL CLINIC FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS OF JULY. Hosted by Cadets Program Facilitator and Battery Arranger, Tom Aungst, and Brass Caption Manager, Dr. Matt Stratton, all ages and all abilities are welcome! This virtual clinic will not only include percussion and brass, but also woodwinds. Thursday [...]

Jun03, 2020

Cadets Launch Updated 34 Store

The Cadets will continue to serve as one of the leading sellers of new and used marching arts equipment and accessories as we introduce the enhanced 34 Store. Here you will find all your Cadets gear, including apparel and accessories, along with a comprehensive selection of marching arts instruments and equipment. Band directors can call 610-821-0345 to discuss their own individual needs for their band program. [...]

Jun03, 2020

Cadets Host Third Virtual Camp, History Night

The Cadets held their third virtual camp of the spring the weekend of May 29-31. Along with continuing to learn the 2021 show music and refining marching and equipment technique, members and staff participated in a discussion with alumni and a virtual History Night. The Cadets held its first virtual camp back in March after the in-person brass camp had to be canceled. Cadets Brass Caption Manager, Dr. [...]

Jun03, 2020

Tom Aungst Talks Old School Percussion

Thursday evening, June 4, at 8 pm eastern Tom Aungst continues his series of technique talks, reaching back into the 1970s and 1980s to talk Old School drum corps. Listen live as Tom chats with Denise Delucia, Charley Poole, Joe Marrella, and Jeff Prosperie. You can watch this Livestream at or on Facebook or YouTube.

Jun01, 2020


BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. Over the last week, the nation has been plunged into a crisis by the latest in a long series of senseless killings of Americans of color, particularly African Americans. The burden of sorrow and pain imposed on our Black brothers and sisters over decades of racism and injustice is intolerable to all who believe in the promise of [...]

May28, 2020

Watch Live! Tom Aungst Talks Technique, Front Ensembles of the 1990s and 2000s

Watch on Thursday, May 28, as Cadets Program Facilitator and Battery Arranger, Tom Aungst, is joined by a panel of the most influential front ensemble arrangers of the 1990s and 2000s. This will be the second in the series, Tom Aungst Talks Technique. Last week, Tom was joined in a percussion technique virtual roundtable by Scott Johnson of the Blue Devils, Ralph Hardimon of Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue [...]

May22, 2020

Ten For 34! Support The Cadets and Win a Chance to Hear The 2021 Show Music

The Cadets have a major fundraising goal to meet, and starting today you can help. For the next ten days, we want you to join in and donate so we can raise $34,000 and meet our Maroon and Gold Campaign goal.  Back on May 5, over 200 fans and friends joined in to help us raise over $50,000. We are incredibly grateful to those who have given, but that [...]

May21, 2020

Tom Talks Technique, East Meets West

This Thursday, May 21, you won’t want to miss Tom Aungst as he leads a panel discussion with six of DCI’s best arrangers and instructors. This East meets West technique discussion will feature the west coast’s Scott Johnson of the Blue Devils, Ralph Hardimon of Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Knights, and Glen Crosby of Pacific Crest. On the east coast side will be Colin McNutt of the Boston [...]

May09, 2020

The Cadets Meet Fundraising Goal on Maroon and Gold Day 2020

Tuesday of Maroon and Gold Day at 3:00 pm Neil Larrivee and Tom Aungst were ready to go live on The Cadets website. They planned to share stories about past Cadets corps and percussion sections for about an hour. Five hours later, after the likes of Cadets legends Jay Bocook, Jeff Sacktig, April Martinez, and many more joined in, Neil and Tom were still going strong. Throughout the broadcast, [...]

May01, 2020

The Cadets Announce Independent Not-For-Profit Youth Organization

10-Time DCI World Champion Launches Independent Not-For-Profit Youth Organization ALLENTOWN, PA — 5/1/2020 — The Cadets, a DCI World Class competitive drum and bugle corps based in Allentown, Pa., today announced the launch of a new not-for-profit corporation called Cadets Arts and Entertainment, Inc. led by newly appointed CEO Denise Bonfiglio, the current Director of The Cadets. In addition, a new Board of Directors has been established to provide oversight for [...]

Apr30, 2020


Maroon and Gold day kicks off this Tuesday, May 5th, at 12:01 am, and The Cadets have exciting plans for this day. Not only will fans, friends, and alumni see exciting content throughout the day on The Cadets social media channels, they will also be able to participate in prize drawings and giveaways as a thank you for their support. Look for more Maroon and Gold Day announcements to come, including [...]

Apr28, 2020


The Cadets held its second Virtual Camp this past weekend with all sections in attendance. Every student received an abundance of education and training throughout the weekend, along with critical Health and Wellness information and guidance. "The participation and engagement by both members and staff certainly exceeded my expectations," said Cadets Director, Denise Bonfiglio. "The planning and efforts by the Design Team, Caption Managers, Educational staff, and my management team [...]

Mar26, 2020

DCI and Cadets to Cancel 2020 Tour, Focus on 2021

With the recent announcement from Drum Corps International canceling the 2020 summer tour, The Cadets will concurrently cancel all touring plans for 2020 and focus entirely on the 2021 season. My decision to cancel the in-person March camp was driven by our mandate to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who participate in The Cadets, particularly during this fluid situation with COVID-19 and physical distancing. The Cadets will [...]

Mar23, 2020

Cadets Hold Virtual March Brass Camp

The Cadets were one of only a few corps in DCI to hold a virtual camp in March. Matt Stratton, Cadets Brass Caption Manager and alumnus, hosted the online rehearsal. He was very pleased with the success of the virtual format, especially his ability to introduce the members to the entire brass faculty. Typically all the brass staff would not be able to attend a live camp due to travel [...]

Mar11, 2020

Cadets Cancel March 13-15 Brass Camp

Due to the increasing number of health concerns regarding the spread of COVID-19 and the fact that New Jersey has declared a state of emergency, The Cadets, in consultation with Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!) Board President, Doug Rutherford, and DCI Executive Director, Dan Acheson, has decided to cancel this weekend’s Brass Camp which was to be held in Salem, New Jersey. Cadets Director, Denise Bonfiglio, stated that, “the [...]

Mar08, 2020

Introducing The Cadets 2021 Drum Majors

The Cadets are excited to announce that four strong young women will lead the corps through the 2020 season. Loren Gregory will continue as lead conductor for The Cadets and will be assisted by Cat Yang and Molly Sobieski, with Mallory Shirey serving as conductor. Loren Gregory is entering her third season as drum major and her second season as lead conductor at The Cadets. She attends the University of [...]

Mar07, 2020

Statement from The Cadets on Covid-19

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a bit about the COVID-19 virus and the upcoming March 13-15 Cadets Brass Camp. We are monitoring this situation very closely around the country. If you are sick with cold/flu symptoms, please stay home. If anyone has traveled out of the country or has family that has traveled to East Asia, China or Italy, I need to know about this if you plan to [...]

Feb19, 2020

Next Cadets Live Webinar This Thursday

Don’t miss the next in our series of Meet The Cadets webinars this Thursday at 8 pm EST. To watch and join in go online to On the webinar will be Cadets Director, Denise Bonfiglio, Director of Operations, Justin Moore, Cadets Assistant Director, Ron Lambert, and Development and Marketing Manager, Brad Martin. This webinar will give fans, friends and alumni the opportunity to learn more about The Cadets management [...]

Feb10, 2020

New Pathway Forward for The Cadets

Youth Education in the Arts (YEA!) today announced that The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps will begin operating as an independent non-for-profit organization with a newly constituted Board of Directors, bylaws and governance structure, beginning March 31, 2020. YEA! will continue to operate USBands, a program focused on delivering services to the scholastic band community. After March 31, the Cadets and USBands, will operate as separate entities with a well-defined ongoing business relationship, [...]




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