With the release of its Third-Quarter Board Report, the Cadets Arts & Entertainment Board of Directors has announced significant achievements in its support and leadership of our organization.


Importantly, the Board has now established initial by-laws and developed organizational policies and procedures spanning background checks, code of conduct, conflicts of interest, mandatory reporting, non-discrimination, sexual harassment, youth safety and diversity and inclusiveness.

The 13 Board members also created an Alumni Experience Committee, a Health and Wellness Committee, and an Equality and Inclusion Committee to shape policy and practice across all CA&E programs. All three of these groups have already contributed significantly to The Cadets organization. Stay tuned for specific announcements and updates from each committee very soon!

Standing committees for Governance, Finance and Audit were also created, as well as a draft of the Board Responsibilities Agreement and processes for financial reporting.

Finally, Cadets Arts & Entertainment received approval from the IRS for tax-exempt status.


Looking ahead, the CA&E Board of Directors has agreed to the following fourth-quarter objectives:

  • Define the plans, budgets and protocols required to present a high-quality Cadets program in 2021 while protecting the health and safety of students, staff and volunteers in light of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis
  • Establish a Strategic Advisory Council comprised of leaders hand-chosen from throughout the pageantry arts to advise on long-term development and growth over the next decade and cultivate more goodwill and support for The Cadets throughout the activity
  • Continue building the Board by conducting a thorough assessment of current skills, and recruit additional Board and Committee members to augment and strengthen where needed
  • Continue to create the institutional and business capacity of CA&E by identifying and developing additional sources of income

Full transparency remains a top priority for our Board, which will regularly communicate its activities to The Cadets’ passionate, worldwide community of students, parents, staff, alumni and fans. The Board will provide a full annual report with audited financials following the completion of its first fiscal year on October 31, 2020.

More About Cadets Arts & Entertainment and the Board of Directors

Since its founding in 1934, The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps has undergone numerous transformations while establishing a legacy of excellence and innovation. The next phase in the evolution of The Cadets began earlier this year with the founding of Cadets Arts & Entertainment. This new parent organization was created to bring all stakeholders, including students and their families, faculty and administrative staff, volunteers, fans and alumni together as one community with a singular focus: The growth and sustainability of The Cadets.

Cadets Arts & Entertainment was incorporated in March 2020, and the Board of Directors held its first meeting on April 5. During the second quarter, the thirteen members of the Board developed the fundamental organizational structures, processes and systems to enable sound oversight and governance. The Board assumed formal responsibility for The Cadets program on May 1, 2020.

Meet Our Board Members