MalletKAT 8 Grand 4-Octave Mallet Controller

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The malletKAT 8 Grand is the flagship 4 Octave MIDI mallet controller from Alternate Mode. Alternate Mode uses the exclusive Force Sensitive Resistor technology combined with nuBounce pads offers unmatched sensitivity and response. Alternate Mode instruments include a feature that allows the player to set the instrument to respond to the player's softest and hardest hits with real life accuracy.

malletKAT is ready for performance right out of the box. Simply connect your sound source and play. malletKAT is able to be connected to synth modules or computer based sound sources like computer, tablets of smartphones. The pads respond to all classic mallet instrument techniques like pedaling, dead stroking and dampening. Unlike classic acoustic instruments these playing techniques can be applied to nontraditional sounds like synths, piano, acoustic guitar sounds. 2 pedal inputs allow for expression embellishments like pitch bend and vibrato control.

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