As we announced recently, The Cadets are moving from the offices we have shared with YEA! since 2004 to our new location within walking distance of J. Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown’s historic district. The staff and volunteers have been working hard to pack up and to prepare our new offices for the upcoming move.

 Led by Dan Hurd, Justin Moore, and The Cadets office staff, a team of volunteers have been working hard to get the new offices prepped and ready to go. Most of the rooms have been painted, and new carpet will be installed soon. Then wiring and telecommunications set up will be put in place before final touches cab be completed and the new offices will be ready.

 Volunteers have also been helping to pack up the current offices, and many more will be needed when we are ready to make the big move. Stay tuned to The Cadets social media channels for details on the moving date.

 If you are in the Allentown area and want to volunteer you can sign up by clicking the link below. For those who cannot come to Allentown and help with the move, you can chip in a donation or purchase storage bins, frames, or other supplies needed. You can find more information about items needed and how to purchase them by clicking this link: