Cadets Arts & Entertainment recently announced the organization’s move to a new office space in Allentown, Pa., just minutes from historic J. Birney Crum Stadium. In the relocation, our staff had the opportunity to reorganize our inventory and get a fresh start in an updated office space.

For years, The Cadets’ office halls have been lined with framed, full-corps photos spanning several decades. However, many more years of great Cadets were not displayed because we simply ran out of space. Each year, a new group of incredible young men and women represent The Cadets’ tradition, and as we decorate our new offices, our goal is to commemorate every corps.

This fall, we will create a new gallery of corps photos with room for future Cadets, as we march ever closer to a full century of maroon and gold on the field. To accommodate so many years of history, we are ordering a new, professionally printed, custom-framed print of each Cadets corps in a smaller size.

This is where you come in!

Help us create the Hall of Cadets

Rather than put our larger corps photos in storage, we are asking you – our extended family of alumni, supporters, volunteers and parents – to help us honor these magnificent drum corps on your own walls. While supplies last, you can purchase an original, framed corps photo from our collection.

View Corps Photos

Each photo is available at a cost of $250 and will be shipped to you exactly as it appears in our online store. Funds raised will go towards purchasing, printing and framing our new photo gallery to commemorate The Cadets’ tradition in our halls.

This extremely limited offer to own an original corps photo is available on a first come, first served basis. Only photos shown are still available.

All photo rights belong to Jolesch Photography. The Cadets are not authorized to print or sell additional corps photos once our framed, in-house set is gone.