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The Cadets


The Cadets closed out the 2020 calendar year with the corps’ annual holiday fundraiser. This year’s campaign was entitled, Joy to The Cadets, and gave donors the chance to connect with current members of the corps by sending them a personalized holiday card, custom designed by Derrick Philips, Graphic Designer for Cadets Arts & Entertainment (CAE). 

“Due to the widespread financial impact of COVID-19, our Development Team decided to cut this year’s campaign goal in half compared to last year. We just didn’t know what to expect,” said Allison Broussard, Marketing & Development Manager for CAE.

However, generous Cadets alumni and supporters came together and more than doubled the 2020 holiday campaign projections, raising a total of $80,661.55.


“This year more than ever, it was inspiring to see the support for the corps and to speak with many of our donors personally,” Broussard said. “They understood the impact COVID-19 had on the activity, and they really did what they could to help set The Cadets up for success as we turn the page to 2021.” 


15 Anonymous Donors
A.J. Smith
Adam Freeman
Albina Gaudino
Ally Warntz
Alyssa A. Cimino
Amy (Shelby) and Douglas Fletcher
Andy Warntz
Aundre Mathis
Barbara Heisler
Bob Bidewell
Bob Gross
Cara Warntz
Carol Pipitone
Carol Samuelson
Charles Griesser
Charles Martin
Charles Prijatelj
Cheryl J. Rogers
Chris and Sherri Noble
Chris Holder
Chris Kloszewski
Chris Maher
Christopher Sloyer
Cindi DeVivo
Dale A. Bentz
David Brown
David Hughes and Jon Boston
Dean Latten
Deb Warntz
Debbie and Joe DeLosa
Denise Bonfiglio
Dennis Hodge
Don Polzo
Donald Mckay
Donna Sowers
Dr. John Avella
Eileen Kutzler
Ello Shertzer
Eric Sabach
Eugene Clayton
Francis T. Twiggs
Gerard Imperiose
Glen Ilacqua
Grant Davis
Greg and Lynn Cinzio
Helen Adams
Jack Day
Jack Warntz
James Balint
James Peer
James Popp
James Teevan
James Wherley
Jared Yankwitt
Jeff Hiott
Jeff Luna
Jeffrey Wills
Jeffrey Wright
Jill Updike
Jim and Stacey Wilkinson
Jim and Tammie Egbert
Jim Crawford
Jim Messina
Joan Flint
Joan Lima
Joe Scillieri
John Broschak
John D Koblan
John LaPrade
John Trambley
John Zimmerman
Joseph Cherrick
Joseph Cinzio
Joseph Hessler
Justin Moore
Karen Miles
Karl Peterson
Kelsey Brunson
Ken Samara
Kevin and Heidi Hardman
Kevin C. White & Rossana Salvadori
Kevin Dunetz
Kevin McDonald (in memory of Bryan Snyder)
Kevin Ullrich
Kieran and Melissa Gifford
Kimberly Griego-Boruch
Konrad R. Kerr
Larney Wilson and Dale Reifschneider
Larry Laugier
Linda Vitale
Lorrie and Pat Zampetti
Margaret Corrado
Margaret Proctor
Mari Schwanke Barreda
Mark and Ann Hobson
Mark and Lillie Nemec-Oberthaler
Mark Poquis
Mark Sakowski
Mark Schuman

Martha Garcia
Martin Taylor
Melissa Babalonis
Michael Emery
Michele DeRosa
Michelle and Scott Senter
Michelle A. Stapp
Mike Blazer
Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Elias Hermosilla
Nancy Hodge
Peter O’Sullivan
Ralph Pezoldt
Rich Cesani
Richard Biziak
Richard M. McGarry
Rick and Elvie Krieger
Robert Bibel
Robert Falgares
Robert Godin
Robert Schilling
Ronald Barber
Ronald Frech
Ronald Janowski
Russ Michaud
Ryan W. Tinker
Scott Michenfelder
Selena and Jeremy Maytum
Serge Martynovych
Staunton Cottrell
Stuart Carter
Susan Poleski
The Bilby Family
The Franck Family
The Meidlinger Family
Thomas Aungst
Thomas O’Kane
Tim Brown
Timothy Magrath
Todd Ullrich
Tony Lee
Vaughn Walter
Vicki Ferrence Ray
Victor Liuzzi
Vincent Viggiano
Warren Corman
William Kardash
William Skinner
Willy Gould



Joy to The Cadets centered around two factors unique to 2020: 

  • The Cadets’ membership was already set and rehearsing together regularly. 
  • Since the summer tour was cancelled due to COVID-19, our fans had not had any opportunities to interact with the members of the corps. 

Nine beautiful Cadets Holiday Cards which were displayed at Everyone who made a donation had the opportunity to choose their favorite holiday card to send with a personal message of joy and encouragement to a Cadet. Our office staff then handwrote the messages on the cards as they came in and sent them to The 2020/21 Cadets. 

As a special thank-you, The Cadets continued the tradition of sending a custom holiday ornament to donors at the $125 level and above. More donors gave at this level than in 2019, exceeding our quantity of ornaments! A second order was placed and will arrive in our office within the week.

The CAE Development Team would also like to thank the CAE Office Staff, as every member of our team played a uniquely important role in the success of this campaign.


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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