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The Cadets Volunteer Association is a support group for members, staff, and volunteers of The Cadets. Through their mission, they aim to help make their world a better and safer place. Using combined skills in varying fields, the volunteers assist in teaching responsibility and teamwork to help support the true heroes of tomorrow, our youth.

Volunteering with The Cadets is an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only will you help make a difference in the lives of hundreds of young men and women, but you will also enjoy the unique opportunity to become part of The Cadets family. For 88 years, Alumni, parents, family, and friends of The Cadets have donated countless hours to help provide an extraordinary experience for our members. The following are some areas where we could use your help.

No Experience Necessary

(Except for driving and medical, of course.)


CDL and regularly licensed drivers help to move The Cadets from place to place.

Food Service

Food Service

This team prepares, serves, and cleans up four meals per day for 230 people!



Our uniform crew has one important job: Make our Cadets look good!



Help ensure the physical well-being of our members while they travel the country.

Event Staff

Event Staff

Join a dedicated team of people that helps to pull off great events throughout the year.

Office Work

Office Work

There are always projects happening at The Cadets office in Allentown!

Thank you to our 2022 Volunteers

Jason Adams
Mara Adams
Gail Balls
Lee Berman
John Broschak
Krystal Brue
Martha Capone
Tom Capone
Marlena Carpenter
Alyssa Cimino
Greg Cinzio
Matthew Chamberlin
Jill Clemmons
Ben Coates
Kim Collins
Mary Cope
MaryEllen Horgan Currier
Nancy Davis
Cindi Devivo
Gaye Dickey
Michelle Dimiceli 
Greg Dimiceli
Judy Dimiceli
Paul Dolan
Cody Donaldson
David Edwards
Diane Edwards
Nancy Elkin
Devin Esleck
Kurt Ferrari
Joan Flint
Eric Flowers

Laura Flynn
Antonio Garcia
Carrie Gentry
Jeff Gentry
Darly Miley Gibson
Renee Goodwill
Chris Grifa
Heidi Hardman
Rob Hardy
Rob Harnish
Mark Herzing
Shelia Hodges
Tom Hodges
Casey Horvath
Steve Horvath
Emily Hung
Diane K
Bailey Karst
Sandy Karst
Dan Kocher
Crystal Kokal
Mike Kraft
Eileen Kutzler
Gary Landry
Michelle Landry
Joan Lima
Joyce Litwitz
Elizabeth Lockwood
Sebastion Machado
Suzanne Martinez
Eli Massey
Aundre Mathis
Irving Matchen

MaryAnn McQuillis
Robert McQuillis
Jenny White Merson
Dina Mikesell
Jim Mizikowski
Eric Moffatt
Gary Moffatt
Renee Moffatt
Anthony Montalto
Mark Morawski
Kodi Myles
Amy Nguyen
Lillie Oberthaler
Mark Oberthaler
Catie Pakenham
Sylvie Pastor
Dave Paterniti
Kris Paterniti
June Perez
Michelle Perez
Jim Popp
Matt Power
Aaron Pratt
Brian Pyko
Sandy Pyko
Karla Rampley
Adam Ray
CJ Ray
Lilliam Ray
Vicki Ferrence Ray
Aaron Reid
Leila Delos Reyes
Cheryl Rogers
Amanda Rusmisell
Jay Rusmisell
Chris Ryan-Lawrence
Mike Ryan
Jukka Saario
Mark Salerno
Sam Saunders
Michelle Schoenagel
Lynette Sightler
Lance Singleton
Misty Singleton
Jeff Smeraldo
Pam Smeraldo
Zachary Steffen
Michelle Stoddard
Ryan Stoddard
Cindy Sutton
Martin Taylor
Jay Travis
Jill Updike
Kelly Van Eerden
Scott Van Eerden
Elizabeth Verrett
Linda Vitale
Ann Voorhees
Cara Warntz
Taylor Whitehead
Jim Wilkinson
Stacey Wilkinson
Brittany Yannielo
Mallory Yohannan
Cindy Zalamea
Ricky Zalamea
Scott Zuzek

Is someone missing? Please email to let us know. We want to be sure to recognize everyone who made The 2022 Cadets' season possible!


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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