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Cadets Launch 1934 Circle for Top Donors

In March of 2023, The Cadets launched the 1934 Circle, a giving community exclusively for the corps' top tier of donors.

Before every performance, The Cadets gather in a close circle, their hand on the shoulder of the Cadet to their right, and sing the song that unites every one of us since the 1930s. The lyrics of "O Holy Name" evoke imagery of a strong, united corps marching forward not just onto the field that night, but into the future, "for Holy Name shall always be."

The Cadets' 1934 Circle is a steadfast group of generous supporters who stand united around the core - our current Cadets - ensuring them that Holy Name shall continue on into its second century of leadership, innovation and excellence.

When a donor makes a gift of $1934 or more (a nod to The Cadets' founding year), they enter into a new community of support with special thank-you gifts and the assurance that they are truly making the future of this wonderful, time-honored drum corps possible.

Will you become a founding member of the 1934 Circle today?

Make a Gift of $1934+

Your generous gift of $1934 or more ensures our 2023 Cadets:

  • Safe transportation
  • Quality housing
  • Elite education
  • And a new equipment truck


MG Premiums 2023

We have designed a very special 1934 cap that is a gift exclusively for members of the 1934 Circle, in addition to the Maroon & Gold mug and gold pin. As a special thank-you just for this year, members of the 1934 Circle will be recognized by name on the corps' new equipment truck. Please note that, to be included in this special honor, The Cadets MUST receive the gift of $1934+ by May 2, 2023, to allow time for the truck to be wrapped before tour. All 2023 Maroon & Gold thank-you gifts are pictured above.



The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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