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FHNSAB: Supporting Each Other Through the Generations

A Message from Our Interim CEO, Vicki Ferrence Ray:

For Holy Name Shall Always Be – We use this phrase often within The Cadets family, but recently, I have paused to wonder, what does it actually mean? Is it a statement of fact? A wish? A prayer? A rallying cry? Do we like it simply because it is sentimental?

History tells us that it is a pledge. When the older boys went off to war during WWII, the younger Cadets left behind pledged “for Holy Name shall always be…” – that the corps would still be here when they came home. And so it was.

In the decades since, we have echoed their pledge. If we truly want to ensure that Holy Name shall ALWAYS be, then we ALL must fulfill our pledge in whatever way our talents, time and resources afford. As interim CEO and a Cadets alumna, I view it as my duty and my honor to fulfill my pledge, just as so many people have before me.

This holiday season, I ask you: How will you fulfill your "FHNSAB" pledge? Will you make a holiday gift to support our 2023 Cadets?

Make a Gift

Pause for a moment and cherish the unity that The Cadets represents – that each year, profoundly different people from every walk of life choose to stand as one, work together, support each other, and achieve more than they ever thought possible. They become part of this vast and beautifully diverse family. The 89th season has already begun, and our members are so honored to be the ones carrying on the legacy of the maroon and gold. For now, that is their pledge to you.

As long as our alumni, parents and fans continue to give back, The Cadets of the day will continue to take the field with dignity, and class, and excellence. Please remember us in your giving this holiday season, and if you're able to sign up to volunteer, we would love to see you on the road this summer!

For Holy Name Shall Always Be…

Vicki Ferrence Ray
Cadets Cymbal Alumna, 1990
Interim CEO, Cadets Arts & Entertainment


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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