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The intent of the Cadets Hall of Fame is to provide a venue to recognize and acknowledge publicly members of The Cadets family for going above and beyond with their time and service to the corps.  Induction into The Cadets Hall of Fame is the highest form of recognition that we can give and is limited to alumni, staff, administration, and volunteers. The Cadets Hall of Fame will recognize and honor these individuals who have contributed to The Cadets in a monumental way. Additionally, it will display to current members and the public the outstanding accomplishments of those who have been instrumental in creating the tradition of excellence of The Cadets.


By authorization of The Board of Directors of Cadets Arts & Entertainment, Inc., elections will be held every year for the purpose of selecting members to The Cadets Hall of Fame.

Administration of The Cadets Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Elections shall be administered by the Cadets Hall of Fame Committee, a subcommittee of the Cadets Alumni Experience Committee which reports directly to the Cadets Arts & Entertainment Board of Directors.  The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee will be made up of select members of The Cadets Hall of Fame.  The members of the committee are initially appointed by The Cadets Alumni Experience Committee.  Future members will be selected by the existing members of the committee.  Members of the committee serve one-year terms that automatically renew unless the committee member or chairperson decide to end their service on the committee. The Chairperson of the Hall of Fame Committee will also be appointed by the Alumni Experience Committee.


Legacy (1934-1979) – A maximum of 4 candidates may be selected each year

Contemporary (1980-Current) – A maximum of 4 candidates may be selected each year


To be eligible, each candidate must have been a marching member, educational staff, administration or volunteer member of The Cadets, to be inclusive of The Holy Name Cadets, Garfield Cadets, Cadets of Garfield, Garfield Cadets Plebes, The Cadets of Bergen County, The Cadets, The Cadets2, Cadets Winter Percussion, or Cadets Winter Guard for a minimum of one full marching season.

  • The nomination process will take place overall several weeks between February and March each year.
  • Voting shall be based upon the nominee’s positive contribution to the organization and impact upon the activity, leadership, stature, and/or record and character.
  • Moral character, good citizenship, and outstanding performance during years contributed shall be a consideration.  If or should an individual not live up to the standards of moral character and good citizenship of a Cadets Hall of Fame member, they can be considered for removal by The Hall of Fame Committee.
  • Nominations may be made by letter or email to The Cadets Hall of Fame Committee by any Cadet alumnus (including member, staff, admin, or volunteer).  Such letters should describe the candidate’s qualifications.  All letters should list which category the nomination is for, whether the nomination is for Legacy or Contemporary, and be very specific about the accomplishments and history of the candidate in the organization. In addition to the narrative, inclusion of a list of bullet points or a numbered list of such things as dates of service, accomplishments, etc., is recommended and appreciated. All letters must contain specific contact information about the author including name, email address, and phone contact. Letters of nomination should not be more than 2 pages long.
  • No person may nominate more than one candidate per year for election. However, that person may write letters of support for an unlimited number of candidates in that year.
  • Members of the Hall of Fame Committee may not nominate any candidates but can submit letters of support.
  • Each Nomination Letter is required to be supported by two (2) Letters of Support (no more than 2 and no less than 2) describing the nominee’s qualifications. Letters of support should not be more than 2 pages long.
  • The author of the nomination letter is responsible to submit the nomination letter and the (2) letters of support at the same time to the offices of The Cadets via email attachment at
  • OR if mail/Fed Ex/UPS are the only option please send the material in one envelope to:
    The Cadets
    Attn: Hall of Fame Committee Chairperson
    1444 Hamilton Street
    Suite 103
    Allentown, PA 18102
  • If the candidacy is proposed posthumously, please kindly include that information as well.
  • No automatic elections based on any specific achievement shall be permitted.
  • Nominations that are not selected will not automatically be resubmitted the following year. They must be submitted again to ensure all qualified candidates are included in the next nomination cycle.
  • If the same person is nominated by multiple people, the first letters that are submitted will be considered by the Committee. As the committee receives letters, we will list on the website who has been submitted so individuals can make sure they aren’t nominating someone that has already been nominated.


Each committee member shall be provided with copies of the letter of nomination and two support letters for each candidate via email or a drop box/share file to be individually reviewed.

  • The committee will then meet to discuss each, and every candidate and the letters received for their nomination.  The committee will then prepare a list to be presented to all alumni asking for their input and comments.
  • A maximum of 8 names will appear on the annual Hall of Fame ballot in the Legacy Category
  • A maximum of 8 names will appear on the annual Hall of Fame ballot in the Contemporary Category 
  • If there are more nominations than the maximum number for each category, the Hall of Fame Committee will make an initial vote to get to the maximum number of nominees. 
  • The final list of candidates will then be published on The Cadets Hall of Fame website, along with their respective letters of nomination and support, asking for the alumni to provide their input and feedback on each candidate for a period of no longer than 2 weeks. Feedback from alumni should be shared via the form on the website. 
  • Committee members will further review the letters and accompanying comments as provided by the body of Cadets Alumni to be discussed at the next meeting.  At that meeting, discussion will be held among the committee members in consideration of each candidate. 
  • Hall of Fame Committee members will then vote for who they feel should be inducted into The Cadets Hall of Fame.
  • Voters will choose a maximum of half of the candidates in each of the two categories (4 of 8 in the Legacy Category and 4 of 8 in the Contemporary Category).  For selection into the Hall of Fame, a candidate must be approved/voted by a minimum of 60 percent of the total ballots cast. 

An announcement will go out through The Cadets of the selected candidates at a specific time during, or just prior to, the competition season. The Official Induction Ceremony will take place in October as part of the annual Cadets Autumn Festival Weekend Events.

Any question regarding The Cadets Hall of Fame nomination process should be addressed to


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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