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A Message from Our Board Chair

Regarding the Search for a Permanent Executive Director for Cadets Arts & Entertainment, Inc.

Last October, the CAE Board leadership announced that it would conduct an independent review of our organization’s governance documents and policies and initiate a candidate search to fill the Executive Director position permanently.

The independent governance review is now complete, and the candidate search process for a permanent Executive Director was started earlier this week. Taking these steps was important in order to proactively address criticism received last fall concerning our governance and to avoid yet another "here we go again" moment. We also want to share actions taken by the Board to build a sustainable future, as we complete the physical move to the Erie Sports Center.

Vicki Ferrence Ray has clearly demonstrated solid, consistent and effective leadership for CAE, and we are all grateful that she agreed to step in last October as our interim Executive Director. She will remain in the position through the permanent Executive Director selection process. To further solidify our organization's leadership, we must carefully select the leader for the long-term in a way that is fair to all interested individuals. It is one of the most important decisions this Board will make, and we take this process very seriously. Collectively, we must strive to complete the selection process as efficiently and timely as possible and will keep the public informed as decisions are made.

Thank you for your continued support of CAE and feedback on our announcements and plans. The organization is strong and getting stronger by the day. The Cadets will have a wonderful program this season with concurrent improvements in all aspects of our operations. We appreciate your willingness to remain involved with CAE on this exciting journey and the next chapter in The Cadets' history. FHNSAB! As always, please contact me directly at if you have additional questions or would like to discuss further.

In your service,

John Broschak
Board Chairperson
Cadets Arts & Entertainment, Inc.


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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