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Maroon & Gold Premiums   +  Monthly Perks  +  Benefits for The Cadets



Maroon & Gold Mug
  • If your monthly gifts amount to $250+/year, you will receive the 2023 Maroon & Gold Mug

Leadership Circle
  • If your monthly gifts amount to $1,000+/year, you will receive Leadership-Level premiums: Exclusive, virtual access to select recordings and the 2023 Maroon & Gold Mug

+ Perks

  • Cadets Cocktail Hour: Leaders in our organization will host a monthly, virtual chat
    • Insider details, special guests, door prizes, live Q&A
  • Support the corps without straining your budget
    • Your monthly gift ensures The Cadets have reliable support between seasons when they need it most​.


Suggested Giving Levels

$ 10  / month

Think of this like the Netflix level, where you hardly think of it at all! You get donor perks without straining your budget.

$ 24  / month

Our first premium level: Support the future of our corps + unlock access to the Maroon & Gold Premium for $250-donors.

$ 34  / month

Need we explain? #FHNSAB



$ 162  / month

You’re in the 1934 Circle! You have access to all the benefits available to our top-tier of Maroon & Gold Donors.

Or Choose a Custom Amount

$ Any  / month

Create your own giving plan. Give your age-out or favorite year (e.g., $83/month, $19.34/month, $20.11/month - support in a way that means something to you)! We are so grateful for your support.


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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