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Paul Dolan
Medical Team Lead
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Paul Dolan is a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for providing medical assistance and education to those in need. With a diverse background in nursing, athletic training, and drum corps experience, Paul has cultivated a unique skill set that enables him to excel in his current role as the Medical Team leader for The Cadets. 

Paul's educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Salem State University, where he gained valuable insights into injury prevention and rehabilitation. Building on his passion for healthcare, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from UMass Boston, further expanding his knowledge and expertise in patient care. 

Always striving for continuous growth, Paul is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing Education (MSN) from SUNY Delhi. This program is equipping him with advanced skills in teaching and mentoring aspiring nurses, enabling him to make a lasting impact on the future of healthcare. 

In addition to his academic achievements, Paul has an impressive background in drum corps. He began his journey with Saint Anthony's CYO in Revere, Mass., before joining renowned corps including the 27th Lancers, Madison Scouts, and Garfield Cadets, where he proudly served as an alumnus in 1985. His drum corps experiences instilled in him a sense of discipline, teamwork, and resilience that he carries into his medical and drum corps careers. 

With a strong foundation of knowledge and experience, Paul has made significant contributions to the field of nephrology nursing. Currently a Certified Nephrology Nurse/RN, he serves as a Clinical Educator overseeing all acute dialysis programs for Fresenius Medical Care in New York State. Paul has held various management positions in the dialysis world, including Clinical Manager of an outpatient dialysis clinic responsible for overseeing dialysis operations, Manager of Clinical Services overseeing Queens and Bronx, New York, and Acquisition Education Manager for national dialysis acquisitions. His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in ensuring the delivery of high-quality care to patients in need of dialysis treatment. 

Originally from Chelsea, Mass., Paul now resides in New York City, where he continues to make a difference in the lives of patients and medical professionals alike. With his unwavering dedication to healthcare and his commitment to ongoing education, Paul is a true asset to the medical community, providing invaluable support and expertise to those in need.


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