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In conjunction with a recent announcement from Drum Corps International, Cadets Arts & Entertainment is pleased to announce that The Cadets will be performing in the events to be held later in the summer of 2021.

“The coming season will, by necessity, be ‘different’ to say the least; but we are determined to safely create a stage like no other in order to offer performance opportunities in the summer of 2021 as a ‘bridge’ to a tour in 2022 and the celebration of DCI’s 50th anniversary season,” DCI CEO Dan Acheson said as part of the press release.

The Cadets have been meeting in virtual rehearsals to refine their skills, improve their physical fitness and learn their 2021 field program for the past nine months. As COVID-19 tests become increasingly available, and the number of cases continues to rise nationwide, in-person rehearsals still seem like a distant reality.

“We will be virtual for the next several months and plan to move into a more intense virtual rehearsal schedule beginning in January,” said Denise Bonfiglio, Director of The Cadets and CEO of Cadets Arts & Entertainment, Inc.

“Our primary focus remains the safety and health of our membership and staff,” Denise continued. “While we are hopeful about the possibilities that 2021 brings, we will continue to evaluate the situation with COVID-19 and make the best decision for our organization when the time comes. When we do finally come together as a corps, it will undoubtedly be in a more socially distanced format.”

Summer 2021 will not look like the drum corps summers our community knows so well, but we are optimistic that drum corps will be a part of the summer of 2021. The Cadets’ membership has a return rate of nearly 90-percent from 2020, and our talented and dedicated performers can’t wait for the opportunity to present the program they have been working on since December 2019.

“Subcommittee meetings, additional research, and ongoing discussion will continue during the coming days and weeks in preparation for the next full meeting of corps directors, to be held at the 2021 DCI (Virtual) Annual Meeting in January,” DCI stated.

Working closely with DCI and The Cadets Health and Wellness Committee, our organization is continually reviewing CDC guidelines and strategizing about the logistical and financial challenges presented by a socially distant drum corps experience.

Our Cadets cannot wait to bring their 2021 program to the field for you! This month, you have the chance to spread some holiday cheer to a 2021 Cadet. First, make a donation to our Holiday Campaign. Then, we are inviting donors at every level to choose a card from our Holiday Collection and write a brief message of encouragement and joy to a current member of our corps.

If you are an aspiring Cadet looking to join the corps, get started today for just $21 at!

For more updates on Summer 2021, please stay tuned to, and subscribe to our weekly Cadets Newsletter.


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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