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Cadets 2021 Volunteers

Thank You, 2021 Volunteers

The seasons are changing, and with that, auditions for The 2022 Cadets are already right around the corner! As we close our 87th chapter and turn the page to begin another, it's important to recognize and thank every person who volunteered their time and talents to make this very unique year possible.

"We can't express our gratitude for these folks enough," said Denise Bonfiglio, Director of The Cadets. "This year, we had volunteers at absolutely every level of the organization -- from designers, to medical staff, to drivers, to photographers, to food service, to sewing, to admin, and more. They truly made all that The Cadets achieved possible."

“Fielding a drum corps is a tremendous undertaking during a normal year, but doing so during a pandemic came with even more challenges," Michele Teevan, Operations Manager for The Cadets, added. "We couldn’t have taken on this challenge without each and every one of our volunteers who gave them time and energy so our members could have the best experience,” she said.

The Cadets are in the midst of auditions for the 2022 season, and we need volunteers to help make them successful! If you can lend a hand in Salem, NJ Dec. 17-19, please fill out our Volunteer Interest Form 

The following people volunteered this year. If you were a volunteer and your name is NOT on this list, please let us know ! We want to recognize you.

Darcie Aungst
Tom Aungst
Gail Balls
Heidi Barnes
Kevin Berube
Jon Bilby
Jay Bocook
Alfred Braza
Brandon Carrita
Mary Ellen Courier
Dawn Delsie
Israel DeMello
Matthieu Dupuy
Joan Flint
Eric Flowers
Maite Garcia
Diane Gardner
Franci Gargaro
John Gargaro
Jessica Gargaro
Pete Garrigan

Lucy Goreham
Jane Goreham
Alessandra Greco
Kristen Gregory
Larry Gregory
Allen Handzo
Rob Hardy
Lisa Helfant
Jake Hille
Maryellen Horgan-Currier
Kathy Keane
Diane Koenig
Kyle Korb
Eileen Kutzler
Lori Lampert
David Lampert
Neil Larrivee
Austin Leonard
Hope Linske-Rice
Joyce Litwitz

David Lord
Meredith Lord
Sebastian Machado
April Gilligan Martinez
Irving Matchen
Scotty McGarry
Jim Meidlinger
Nick Merson
Michael Moore
Mark Morawski
Brian Murphy
Averi Pareci
Dave Paterniti
Kris Paterniti
James Popp
Aaron Pratt
Cheryl Rogers
Michael Ryan
Lynn Sabino
Jeff Sacktig
Donna Sansevere

Michael Sasse
Michele Schoenagel
Lucy Shawcross
Jeff Smeraldo
Pam Smeraldo
Rachel Spencer
Joyce Sternberg
Michelle Stoddard
Barbara Teevan 
Jim Teevan
Bob Terry
Donna Terry
Julia Terry
Jill Updike
Joseph Verlezza
Linda Vitale
Briana Vogt
Jenny White-Merson
Marc Whitlock
Cindy Zalamea
John Zicha


The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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