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Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a bit about the COVID-19 virus and the upcoming March 13-15 Cadets Brass Camp. We are monitoring this situation very closely around the country. If you are sick with cold/flu symptoms, please stay home. If anyone has traveled out of the country or has family that has traveled to East Asia, China or Italy, I need to know about this if you plan to attend a Cadets camp. If you have been in contact with anyone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must seek medical help and self quarantine. This virus spreads, as most viruses do, through droplets, meaning any saliva that leaves your body is how it is spread. Wash, wash, wash your hands all the time. If you’re out and about shopping in a common place, please don’t touch anything. Wash your hands before and after you eat. Wash your hands if you touch something that other humans have touched. Don’t touch your face, especially your mouth. Please carry 70% alcohol hand sanitizers with you to kill the germs. At this time the camp is still happening at Salem HS next weekend. Salem HS has had no incidences of the virus at this time. If that changes we will cancel camp.

We will have a very strict protocol at camps:

If you have respiratory symptoms with a fever, please stay home and seek medical care. If you have a cold, get a note from your doctor that you do not have the COVID-19 virus. You will be required to wear a mask during the weekend if you have or develop any respiratory symptoms. There will be no sharing of any personal property. The members’ bedding will be set up six feet apart from one another. The brass arc will be a double or triple arc with 4-6 feet between each person. No one will be touching any utensils, as all meals will be served by someone wearing gloves. The members will not be allowed to share mouth pieces or instruments throughout the weekend. All door knobs, faucets, and anything that is touched in a bathroom will be washed down with bleach throughout the weekend.

All of the above steps will help to keep everyone healthy at Cadets camps. I will be monitoring this situation hourly. I’m in conversation with several medical professionals to get the latest on the virus, and get their opinions on how best to proceed. More to come on this, however I wanted you all to know where Cadets stand on this virus.

I’m aware that SCV and Troopers have cancelled their camps. There are several people infected with the virus in Santa Clara County, therefore this is a precaution for sure. The Troopers have a large volume of membership out of state. I have been told that no members in any corps have been diagnosed with COVID-19. We can keep it that way if we all practice the above every day.

If anything changes I will get the word out to you ASAP.

Have a great weekend and please wash your hands and carry 70% alcohol hand sanitizer.

Denise Bonfiglio

Director, The Cadets


The Cadets Percussion Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, October 27, at 8PM EST.

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