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The Cadets Staff 2022

Meet Our 2022 Caption Managers & Consultants

With the first of four in-person audition events set to kick off in just one month, The Cadets proudly reveal the talented team that will lead the corps' Instructional Staff in 2022.

"We are thrilled with this team," said Assistant Director Ron Lambert. "They are experts in their crafts, they are teachers at heart, and they love The Cadets and all our corps stands for. I am confident in their leadership. Anyone thinking about becoming a Cadet can be certain that they will learn from the some of the best in our activity!"

Check out our Caption Managers and Consultants below. You can view the 2022 Design Team here.

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The Cadets Brass Staff will host an informational webinar for anyone and everyone interested this Wednesday, November 3, at 7PM EST.

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Josh Brenneis

Visual Caption Manager

Neil Larrivee

Front Ensemble Facilitator / Caption Manager

Lloyd Puckitt

Audio Facilitator

Ben Potts

Audio Consultant

Dr. Matt Stratton

Brass Caption Manager

Seth Murphy

Brass Assistant Caption Manager

Dr. Aaron WItek

Brass Consultant

Al Chez

Brass Consultant

Marc Whitlock

Brass Consultant

Michael Pote

Brass Consultant

TJ Goss

Battery Assistant Caption Manager

Nathan Bashline

Audio Caption Manager

Jacob Gall

Battery Caption Manager

Enrique Perez

Color Guard Caption Manager

Austin Horton

Color Guard Assistant Caption Manager

Julian Johnson

Visual Assistant Caption Manager


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