The Cadets have a major fundraising goal to meet, and starting today you can help. For the next ten days, we want you to join in and donate so we can raise $34,000 and meet our Maroon and Gold Campaign goal. 

Back on May 5, over 200 fans and friends joined in to help us raise over $50,000. We are incredibly grateful to those who have given, but that only got us halfway to our goal. We need to raise $100,000 to make sure the new Cadets organization is financially sound as we face a summer without shows and limited merchandise revenue. That means that every day for the next ten days our goal is to raise $3,400. Can we do it? With your help, we absolutely can. The Cadets have the most supportive alumni and fan base in all of DCI and now is your opportunity to show it. 

We have some exciting plans to say thank you to those who help us meet this challenge:

1. Two lucky donors will earn the right to sit in on the Sunday, May 31 virtual camp rehearsal and hear some of the 2021 show music. One donor will be chosen from those who gave on Maroon and Gold day and one from those who give starting today through Saturday, May 30.

2. The top donor each day for the next ten days will receive a Cadets’ shako and plume, along with an 85th-anniversary mug and ornament.

3. Anyone who gives $50 or more will receive a Cadets uniform buckle worn on the field by a corps member. This will be an important gift for alumni who could then share it with a current member as they march next season. Also, a parent could give it to a son or daughter as they perform with The Cadets. Plus, alumni will have the chance to own a piece of Cadets history and treasure it forever. 

We must raise this money and meet our $100,000 goal, so please go today to and give. The drawing and announcement for the two lucky winners who will sit in on Sunday’s virtual rehearsal will take place on Saturday evening, May 30, at 8 pm. That means you only have ten days to make your donation. This exclusive opportunity is a one-time event. We will not do this again for the rest of the year, so give today and earn your chance to hear The Cadets show music on Sunday, May 31.