Tuesday of Maroon and Gold Day at 3:00 pm Neil Larrivee and Tom Aungst were ready to go live on The Cadets website. They planned to share stories about past Cadets corps and percussion sections for about an hour. Five hours later, after the likes of Cadets legends Jay Bocook, Jeff Sacktig, April Martinez, and many more joined in, Neil and Tom were still going strong. Throughout the broadcast, thousands of people logged on to watch. At the same time, fans, friends, alumni, staff, and family members gave support to The Cadets.  

Thanks to the contributions of over 200 donors, The Cadets were able to meet and exceed the goal of raising $50,000. The day was filled with giving, prize drawings, videos from members and alumni, and the most amazing Cadets Live broadcast. 

After Tom Aungst and Neil Larrivee led the live broadcast for several hours, Cadets Director, Denise Bonfiglio, joined in to discuss how The Cadets need support as they search for ways to raise money during these challenging economic times. Cadets Board members also joined in to discuss how support from all Cadets donors will enable the organization to move forward into 2021 stronger than ever. 

Something else came out of the fantastic live broadcast on Tuesday, and that was the theme of family. Staff members used that word, members who joined in used it, and so did board members. The members, designers, instructors, staff, and volunteers are all part of The Cadets family, and so are fans and donors. The Maroon and Gold Campaign’s overall goal is to raise $100,000. While the corps is now halfway toward this goal, the momentum cannot stop. 

Thank you to everyone who has given to The Maroon and Gold Campaign. To those who have yet to donate, please go to donate.cadets.org and chip in today. Stay connected with The Cadets on social media for more Maroon and Gold Campaign updates throughout the coming weeks.

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