Main Event

The last six weeks have been exciting as we looked forward to Percussion Thursday with Tom Aungst. Tom shared the stories and knowledge of some of the best percussion performers, teachers, and arrangers in all of DCI and WGI. While Tom takes a break away from live-streaming sessions, we are excited to present three new webinars in July.

This Tuesday, July 7th, we present “Sound Bytes” with Cadets Audio Caption Manager, Ben Potts. Ben will discuss drum corps audio design with the Bluecoats’ Aaron Beck, Phantom Regiment’s Evan Brown, the Blue Devils’ Michael “Woody” Dunwoody, advisor to Crown, Cadets, and SCV, Pete Healey, and Santa Clara Vanguard’s Lloyd Puckett.

Next Tuesday, longtime Cadets Visual Designer and current Cadets Consultant, Jeff Sacktig, will join with Cadets Visual Designer, Jon Bilby, to talk about visual design with Cadets drill writers past and present. The panel will include Marc Sylvester, Tony Hall, Darryl Pemberton, and Bobby Jones. The following week, Tuesday, July 21st, Jeff and Jon will chat with current DCI visual designers Michael Gaines of Santa Clara Vanguard, Cadets alumnus Leon May of the Boston Crusaders, Cadets alumnus Jon Vanderkolff of the Bluecoats, and Richard Hinshaw of The Cavaliers.

Mark these dates on your calendar and log on to or watch on Facebook or YouTube.