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The Cadets are the oldest active drum corps achieving ten gold medals since the inception of Drum Corps International and hundreds of regional and circuit championships during its rich 86 year history.

To be a Cadet is to be your best self. Being a Cadet means working together as a family to create an experience that will excite and inspire others. We push one another to be the best by holding on to tradition, embracing what is new, and loving one another unconditionally. It is truly wonderful to be a Cadet.

Nicholas Harrison, Snare

Being a Cadet means being a part of a family. It takes a special type of person to be a Cadet. The hard work, determination, and constant pursuit of perfection that all great Cadets have creates a bond like no other. Once you are a Cadet, you are a Cadet for life.

Jenna Schoenagel, Baritone

Being a Cadet means constantly pursuing excellence on and off the field. It means waking up everyday with the mindset of being better than yesterday. It means sacrificing what you want to do to be perfect at what you NEED to do. Ultimately, it means being the best at everything you do no matter what.

Aiden Long, Trumpet

A true Cadet makes themselves better for the GROUP. A Cadet will always give a little extra on the rough days. It’s holding everyone accountable for this one job, with this one group. Being a Cadet is persevering, supporting, and, most importantly, loving those people on and off the field. A true Cadet never gives up, not even when no one else is around to support you, watch you succeed, or see all the time you put in off the clock. You do it because you know one day it will be your last and you do not want any regrets.

Chase Mick, Color Guard

To me, being a Cadet is hard work and determination. It is “cranking” every day in the summer with your best friends. Being a Cadet is tradition and family. The support that the alumni have for us is absolutely incredible and is something you can’t find anywhere else. To be a Cadet means holding yourself to a certain standard and pushing yourself to be the best you can be for yourself and the rest of the corps.

Cara Warntz, Front Ensemble


The Cadets provides members with world class experience with a renowned design and educational staff, life lessons to become their best self, and a bond with fellow Cadets that stretches back 86 years.

  • International reach – our members come from across the globe

  • See the country – we travel 13,000-17,000 miles each summer

  • Be your best – we teach the values of dedication, hard work, and striving for excellence

To learn more about The Cadets world class experience you can check out The EDge. Coming soon.


The mission of The Cadets is to educate, embolden, and enhance the lives of young people through a superior performing arts experience.

The Cadets is focused on the educational development of today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. The Cadets provide hands-on interactive learning and achievement in the pursuit of excellence.

Our vision is to educate youth around the globe the value of teamwork, inclusivity, kindness, self-expression, and open communication

  • To create a safe and inclusive environment for all participants, always
  • To bring to the local communities and global markets music and entertainment
  • To enrich lives by teaching critical development skills required to pursuit personal excellence
  • To create a safe and nurturing environment for all students
  • Provide exceptional education of music, movement, choreography, and performance training
  • Teach students life lessons of teamwork, discipline, dedication, commitment, and integrity
  • Provide students with instructional support, perseverance and commitment to excellence
  • To promote innovation, creativity, and growth for all student





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